Graphic & Reflective

Premium Wrapping Cast – ORACAL 970

ORACAL 970 – Premium Wrapping Cast made by ORAFOL – the world’s leading manufacturers of graphics products. ORACAL has comprehensive color range including 127 colors of gloss, matt, shift effect & special effect.

Made in Germany

Stone Guard Films – ORAGUARD Paint Protection film

With the ORAGUARD films, you get a long-term paint protection of your car, that will enable your car to go through daily use for years and keep on looking great!

Made in Germany

ORAFOL Automotive window films

(Tiếng Việt) Phim cách nhiệt xe hơi của ORAFOL được tin dùng rất rộng rãi tại Châu Âu & Trung Đông (nơi có thời tiết nắng nóng khắc nghiệt) được GUDi phân phối chính hãng tại thị trường Việt Nam.

ORAFOL Germany


Industrial Tape

Double Sided Tape

Wide range of double sided tapes are designed for many kind of industrial applications included indoor and outdoor bonding/mounting applications.

Made in Germany, Italia, Thailand

Glass Cloth Tape

Glass Cloth Tapes are designed for many electrical insulation applications requiring both high mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures.

Made in USA

Masking Tape

Paper Masking Tape has many features (resistance to high temperatures, clean removal…) for superior performance in various applications: paint masking, holding & many more.

Made in Italia, Thailand

Fibreglass Reinforced Tape

Glassfiber mono directional & cross weaved reinforced are developed for applications where high resistance to tensile stress is required.

Made in Italia