Industrial Tape

Double Sided Tape

Wide range of double sided tapes are designed for many kind of industrial applications included indoor and outdoor bonding/mounting applications.

Made in Germany, Italia, Thailand

Glass Cloth Tape

Glass Cloth Tapes are designed for many electrical insulation applications requiring both high mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures.

Made in USA

Fibreglass Reinforced Tape

Glassfiber mono directional & cross weaved reinforced are developed for applications where high resistance to tensile stress is required.

Made in Italia

Masking Tape

Paper Masking Tape has many features (resistance to high temperatures, clean removal…) for superior performance in various applications: paint masking, holding & many more.

Made in Italia, Thailand


Printing and Packaging

Univacco Narrow-web Cold Foil

The over-printable narrow-web cold foil, Univacco CF4.6 Series is applied on labels, flexible packaging, shrink sleeves, and in-mold label (IML).

Made in Taiwan

Univacco Hot Stamping Foil

Univacco supply wide range of hot stamping foils for many substrates or materials, which are: coated paper, UV-vanished paper, water-base-vanished paper…

Made in Taiwan

Plate mounting tape 0.1mm ORAFLEX 11395

ORAFLEX 11395 is a double-side hard tape with 100μm (0.1mm) thickness. This tape is mostly used to mount photopolymer/rubber plate.

Made in Germany

Plate mounting tape 0.2mm ORAFLEX 11396

ORAFLEX 11396 is 0.2mm double-side hard tape for mounting photopolymer plate onto cylinder for fabric textile label printing.

Made in Germany