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    Excellent Plate Mounting Tapes from ORAFLEX® (German) for Flexo & Letterpress printing: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.38, 0.5mm.

Printing & Packaging

Univacco Narrow-web Cold Foil

The over-printable narrow-web cold foil, Univacco CF4.6 Series is applied on labels, flexible packaging, shrink sleeves, and in-mold label (IML).

Made in Taiwan

Univacco Hot Stamping Foil

Univacco supply wide range of hot stamping foils for many substrates or materials, which are: coated paper, UV-vanished paper, water-base-vanished paper…

Made in Taiwan

Plate mounting tape 0.1mm ORAFLEX 11395

ORAFLEX 11395 is a double-side hard tape with 100μm (0.1mm) thickness. This tape is mostly used to mount photopolymer/rubber plate.

Made in Germany

Plate mounting tape 0.2mm ORAFLEX 11396

ORAFLEX 11396 is 0.2mm double-side hard tape for mounting photopolymer plate onto cylinder for fabric textile label printing.

Made in Germany

Plate mounting tape 0.3mm ORAFLEX 11397

ORAFLEX 11397 is 0.3mm double-side hard tape for mounting photopolymer plate onto cylinder for fabric textile label printing.

Made in Germany

Plate mounting tape 0.38mm ORAFLEX 115XX

ORAFLEX 115XX is a range of 0.38mm double-side plate mounting tapes which is developed for label flexo printing with 3 different hardness & 5 combinations of adhesive levels on plate & cylinder.

Made in Germany

Plate mounting tape 0.5mm ORAFLEX 116XX

ORAFLEX 116XX is a range of 0.5mm double-side plate mounting tapes which is designed for wide-web flexo printing with 3 different hardness & 5 combinations of adhesive levels on plate & sleeve/cylinder.

Made in Germany

BOPP Anti-Scuff Matte Film

BOPP thermal anti-scuff film provides excellent resistance to scuff marks which could develop during production, transportation & handling of the pack.

Made in China

BOPP Soft-touch (Velvet) films

BOPP velvet/soft-touch film is specifically recommended for premium laminating of brand paper products, hang-tag, luxury packaging, manuals, posters, shopping bags, calendars….

Made in China

Flexographic Printing Sleeves

Flexographic printing sleeves are used to mount printing plates. They have a major influence on the efficiency & the quality of the print

Made in Neitherlands

Flexographic Printing Bridges

Flexographic bridge/adapter is used in the flexo printing to ‘bridge’ the gap between a printing mandrel and the inner diameter of the printing sleeve, especially for big repeat sleeves.

Made in Netherland

Standard Anilox Rollers

The standard chrome/ceramic anilox – 60 degrees engravings – offers more cells to be compacted in an area & provides the most efficient distribution of volume. The 60 degrees anilox became the norm in flexo printing.

Made in Germany

Industrial Tapes

Double Sided Tape

Wide range of double sided tapes are designed for many kind of industrial applications included indoor and outdoor bonding/mounting applications.

Made in Germany, Italia, Thailand

Glass Cloth Tape

Glass Cloth Tapes are designed for many electrical insulation applications requiring both high mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures.

Made in USA

Fibreglass Reinforced Tape

Glassfiber mono directional & cross weaved reinforced are developed for applications where high resistance to tensile stress is required.

Made in Italia

Masking Tape

Paper Masking Tape has many features (resistance to high temperatures, clean removal…) for superior performance in various applications: paint masking, holding & many more.

Made in Italia, Thailand

Graphic & Reflective

Premium Wrapping Cast – ORACAL 970

ORACAL 970 – Premium Wrapping Cast made by ORAFOL – the world’s leading manufacturers of graphics products. ORACAL has comprehensive color range including 127 colors of gloss, matt, shift effect & special effect.

Made in Germany

Stone Guard Films – ORAGUARD

With the ORAGUARD films, you get a long-term paint protection of your car, that will enable your car to go through daily use for years and keep on looking great!

Made in Germany

ORAFOL Automotive window films

(Tiếng Việt) Phim cách nhiệt xe hơi của ORAFOL được tin dùng rất rộng rãi tại Châu Âu & Trung Đông (nơi có thời tiết nắng nóng khắc nghiệt) được GUDi phân phối chính hãng tại thị trường Việt Nam.

ORAFOL Germany


GUDi is a passionate supplier specialized in industrial tapes, graphic & reflective, printing & packaging.

Printing and Packaging

Customers could find first class supporting machines, spare-parts and consumables for printing and packaging such as Mounting Sleeve, Anilox Rollers, Washing/Cleaning machines, Solvent Distiller, Plate Mounting Machines, Chillers for Press, Plate Mounting Tapes, Splicing Tapes, Filament Tapes, Hot Foils & Cold Foils, Thermal Films, Printing Films, DFC ink & coating, Scratch-off inks, Glassine & Silicone Paper…

Industrial Tapes

GUDi officially distributes a truly comprehensive range of technical adhesive tapes Which are designed for high performance applications in most industries with our main focus being automotive, electronics, building & furniture, paper & printing, and point of sales industries including transfer tapes, double sided tapes, foam tapes, flexographic tapes & splicing tapes. Tapes are supplied in roll, sheet or die-cuts.

Graphic & Reflective

We distribute full range of cast & self adhesive vinyls and window films from ORAFOL (Germany) for signage, car wrapping, graphic design and digital printing applications. ORAFOL is also the one of the world’s leading manufacturers of retroreflective materials, which are used for all types of application where safety and visibility in low light conditions is of vital importance.


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Latest News

Cold Foil Transfer – The web-fed process

The majority of cold foil jobs are being produced in flexographic printing by using an UV-curing cold foil adhesive which is applied with an anilox roller in a specific volume via a polymer plate onto a substrate.

Why the rubber sealed sleeves is a game changer

The addition of Rubber Sealed Edges decreases wear and tear of the sleeve while increasing durability. The edges are impact-resistant, therefore the chances of impact damage on the side of the sleeve are reduced.

How we build durable flexo sleeves

Building a durable sleeve that lasts takes careful use of the right materials, the right construction method and bringing it all together.